Victoria’s Not So Secret, Secret

Victoria’s Not So Secret, Secret

“I would just love to start out by saying I absolutely love this product! It has made such a difference in my skin.”

I am a mom of two beautiful babies – a girl and a boy. With kids comes pregnancy and with pregnancy comes the dreaded stretch marks. With my first I did not develop too many stretch marks so I just let it go and accepted my new tiger stripes. Three years later I was pregnant with my son. What unfolded was a completely different story. My tiger stripes became tiger wounds!”

In 2017 Previse partnered with Bump Boxes. Bump Boxes provides, “Healthy products handpicked by our moms, tailored to your due date & designed to pamper you throughout your pregnancy!” We featured two, doula-approved products. It was our plant-based multi-peptide infused MommyBalm Stretch Mark Cream that helped heal Victoria’s stretch marks.

“My stretch marks were very deep and all over everywhere. I started to hate my body and fixated on how it wasn’t the body I used to love. In August 2017, I received my first Bump Box and my first Previse MommyBalm. It was one of those stretch mark creams that claims it works wonder and all that jazz. So I gave it a try for a good two weeks and noticed results almost immediately! My stretch marks were starting to fade. They became less dark or discolored and less noticeable!”


At Previse we test all our products through our doctor-owners. Like all of you we want to believe in product statements and claims. There is nothing worse than believing a promise and being let down. We too are mothers, fathers, students, grandparents and shoppers who are careful how we spend money. So we took care when formulating and launching MommyBalm. The product had to work!

Victoria continues, “Soon after I started using MommBalm we moved and I lost my jar. I thought, ‘oh great now they’re going to come back.’ But the stretch marks didn’t come back. The stayed faded! I just recently started using MommyBalm again and the results have gotten even better with each use. And let me tell you a little goes a long way with this stuff. I can’t wait to start on my legs soon. My tummy and hips were my biggest insecurity so I focused on them and I am slowly feeling more and more confident as the weeks go by, and the more I use this product. I am so thankful I got this opportunity to use this product and realize these amazing results!”


Stretch marks are formed when the dermis (second layer of skin) is stretched at a rapid rate. Even though skin is decently supple the over-stretching can cause scarring or stretch marks. Our MommyBalm features a unique, multi-peptide system, plus antioxidants and emollients, to help reduce and prevent the signs of stretch marks. As with all Previse DermApothecary products, MommyBalm is free from parabens, petroleum, mineral oil, synthetic fragrance and dyes, xenoestrogens, PEGs, glycols and phthalates.


In honor of Victoria’s success story and to thank her generosity for sharing her story, Previse offers our first “Buy One, Gift One” promotion. For every MommyBalm purchased, we will ship you a second container to share with friends and loved ones, or keep as a gift for yourself. As Victoria notes, the results are not temporary, and you will not need to use MommyBalm indefinitely.

Please enter VictoriasNotSoSecret during checkout to receive your Buy One, Gift One complimentary MommyBalm. Offer expires May 18, 2019. The coupon code may be used multiple times, but only one time per order. We will honor this promotion as supplies last.

As further thank you we are offering a second promotion. Through May 18, 2019 save 20% on any Previse DermApothecary purchase.

Please enter Victoria20 during checkout to receive 20% of any order. Offer may not be used in conjunction with any other concession or savings code. The coupon code may be used multiple times, but only one time per order. We will honor this promotion as supplies last.

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