Beth Galton Art & Imagery
We are so proud to share with you our new Previse imagery. Over a two day session the artist Beth Galton and her team captured the essence of Previse so beautifully. Working with Beth and her prop and design manager Bette Blau was an exceptional opportunity for us, and an experience that we won’t soon forget. Please visit to witness her incredible and majestic artwork.

Jokipiin Luxurious Linens Previse Skincare
At Previse, we love to partner with JOKIPIIN PELLAVA OY because they share our passion for prevention. Currently we offer the JOKIPIIN 100% organic linen & cotton Face Polish Cloths.

JOKIPIIN PELLAVA OY has a multi-generational commitment our environment and their local ecology. For instance they cultivate certified 100% organic long-stem flax and certified 100% organic cotton. The Finnish company weaves these pure, natural raw materials into luxurious textiles. The Face Polish Cloths provide mild exfoliation without irritating or otherwise damaging the dermis or first layer of skin. Together with our Previse Purify they help retain a natural lipid balance, and smoother and more supple skin tone.

Pure, natural raw materials are always used in the production of Jokipiin Pellava Oy to ensure the environmentally friendly end products for consumers.

The company has established an environmental system control, which helps to control the industrial production in a way which does not disturb nature:

  • Water is not used in the production in JOKIPIIN PELLAVA OY so there are no waste waters coming out from the process.
  • A by-product of modern weaving process, the residual ribbon is sold to carpet weavers to be used as raw material for carpets.
  • The fabric scraps from cutting are sold in our factory outlet, at a very low price, for hobby use.

Fiber materials
All the products made by Jokipiin Pellava Oy are environmentally friendly and they are manufactured without chemicals.

Organic linen
Jokipiin Pellava Oy’s raw material, linen yarn, is made from fine, long flax. Finnish summer is very light and this helps the flax plant to produce long and fine fibres.

Organic cotton
Jokipiin Pellava Oy uses also cotton yarn. All our cotton yarns are Ökotex-certified or “super organic” from hand picked cotton fibres with KRAV-certification. Ökotex is well known sign for environmentally friendly textiles in Europe.

KRAV-certified linen
Some 20% of the yarn used by the company is KRAV-certified, ecological linen yarn, called NordLin. NordLin is cultivated in Finland with only natural fertilizers and no chemicals and no pesticides used against insects. The hard, cold Finnish winter freezes the soil and kills insects. This minimizes insects harmful to the flax plant and helps the organic farming. The production process from field to linen yarn is free from chemicals. Since the production of Finnish KRAV-certified yarns are limited Jokipiin Pellava Oy uses other linen yarns as well, but all fibres are treated and spun with the same manner after they have been harvested. The process from field to linen yarn is free from all kind of chemicals.

Package materials
All the packing material used by the company is recycleable. The main point in the packing is to use as little package material as possible. Gift boxes are made of unbleached mini-wellboard that is very easy to recycle. All oil-based details of the packages, like foils, are made for recycling. Yarn suppliers ship their goods to JOKIPIIN PELLAVA OY in big wellboard boxes. These boxes are re-used when JOKIPIIN PELLAVA OY is shipping its end products to retailers or other customers. A glue-laminated paper band that reacts with water is used on the boxes instead of adhesive tape, to facilitate recycling.

We are proud to partner with JOKIPIIN PELLAVA OY and share their wonderful textiles with you. {add link to store pages}

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