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Gobo Eye Serum

Gobo [burdock root], Mimosa tree bark extract, and vitamins work to restore and protect delicate skin around the eyes.Vitamin B & C infusion. Vegan plant-based skincare. Gobo root and Mimosa tree bark extract work to restore and protect delicate skin around the eyes. The botanicals help reduce puffiness and firm tissue. Niacinamide, vitamin B5 and C help reduce the signs of aging and photo-damage. Botanical extracts help combat fine lines and improve the appearance of crepey skin.

Remember to save 20% on your order enter HumanHeroes during checkout.

Hello Human Heroes!

Thank you for your convictions and passion. Collaborating with Parker and all of you is an honor. Parker reminds us that being a Human Hero means we strive to make conscious – and conscientious – choices everyday. Previse harvests sustainable, plant-based ingredients to deliver consequential products. Our promise is to gently borrow from the earth today, to return what we borrow in good faith.

– Previse

I am thrilled I am as active today as I was a decade ago. A little more wisdom in my face, also joy. We cannot stop the aging process, but we can make holistic edits so we are always our best self. When it comes to my skin I look to our Swedish and American dermatology team and Previse products to keep my skin healthy, fit and looking its best!

How we speak to ourselves internally dictates the world we create around us.

- Parker