Evette Ramirez

As a Master Aesthetician my philosophy is “Keep it simple.” I’ve discovered over my 14 years of practicing advanced skin care in celebrated spas that an increasing number of clients are searching for regimens that are easy to use and free of controversial ingredients.

I am pleased to lead our field education initiatives. We know our efficacy is very high because our three-step regimens are easy to follow, with non-dubious ingredients. Compliance is the only way to achieve exceptional results. Plus our ingredients are familiar botanicals as opposed to harsh chemicals and additives.

Previse usage protocols are my passion. My role is to teach other industry technicians how to improve client results utilizing our various Previse practices. For instance our daisy flower extract is a non-bleaching brown spot corrector and we choose to use radish root and wasabi as preservatives versus parabens and tricolsan. The result is a pronounced difference from the majority of products available in today’s market. The insights are universally embraced by technicians and clients alike. I continue to marvel at the way technicians share their wishes, wants and desires which I then feed back to our development team. It’s wonderful to be a part of a company, a family, who listen and achieve remarkable results!

I would love to hear from you and what you think about our endeavor and our Previse products. Please feel free to contact me using the Previse Contact Us page or visit our Facebook page. You can also send us a tweet at @PreviseSkinCare on Twitter!

I invite you to know your Skin Type, using our free Personal Skin Care Consultation.


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