Spring Forward and Spring Clean

Spring Forward and Spring Clean

While winter may have seemed like ages, spring is finally on its way.  Your skin deserves to be pampered as the weather changes. “Nothing is worse for skin than a long, cold winter — the low humidity in conjunction with hot air, heat, and less fresh air often can leave your skin looking dull, dry, rough, and even wrinkled and older,” says Cheryl Citron, MD, the past president of the New Jersey Dermatology Society. [1]

Find Tremella Repair Cream in Newsweek 

Newsweek featured our Tremella Repair Cream in the Best 2020 March Deals. “This skin care collection features flower, plant and sea extracts to help maintain youthful, glowing skin.”  Use code SPRING40 to score 40% off sitewide in March 2020. Shop the full Bespoke Botanicals line here

Moisturize with Mushrooms

Previse Tremella Mushroom Repair Cream is the perfect way to kickstart your spring moisture, a star in our Bespoke Botanicals line, the main ingredient is  Snow Mushroom. Indigenous to the tropics the snow mushroom helps with deep hydration for daytime skin rest, and overnight skin recovery. Hand-crafted batches are slowly churned with vitamin E, chamomile, mango seed and Babassu palm extracts. Two molecules of hyaluronic acid are introduced to amplify hydration. Clary sage helps to regulate sebum and acts as a mild astringent.


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