Previse Sets London Abuzz

Previse Sets London Abuzz

’tis the season for rejoicing. And there’s no better way to rejoice and ring in the new year than celebrating with the tastemakers of London.

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We enjoyed a swank evening with the who’s who of London media, including editors and writers from ELLE and Marie Claire, Telegraph-Stella, Cosmo, Women’s Health, The Bespoke Black Book. We enjoyed vegan canapés and deserts while toasting with Lippy of London, La Femme London, I Heart Beauty and others. The guest list is candidly so long you’ll have to scroll to the end of this post to discover the full roster. We invite you to follow our new U.K. and Londonista friends. They are front row seat to our initiatives in Britain, Scotland and Ireland!

How did you get your formulas so sophisticated?!?”

A foaming moisturizer? Who ever thought of this is genius! Thank you”

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For our readers outside the U.K. here’s what’s happening. Previse ZeroFragrance is now available exclusively at Harvey Nichols. On December 6th we hosted our first event in London in the swanky Style Concierge luxury lounge at Harvey Nichols, Knightsbridge.

Every guest sampled our new ZeroFragrance Series and were treated to the unveiling of our new ZeroFragrance Ozone Defense Shield Serum. Ozone Defense officially releases globally in January. The reactions were, in a word, phenomenal.

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But how can these be so elegant. My experience is that natural or clean products are thick and heavy. Your Marine Granules Exfoliating Mousse is light AND textured. How did you do that?!?”


Nearly every beauty insider commented on the luxurious texture of our ZeroFragrance face and body care products. Celebrated blogger La Femme London said, Previse “foaming moisturiser (yes I said foaming!) is just spellbinding to watch and feels immensely hydrating and I can’t wait to give it a go at home.”


Online publication Healthista commented that they were “very excited to see Previse Skincare launch in the UK today.”

When asked about Clean beauty vs. Green beauty, Previse Founder and CEO Sean Patrick Harrington remarked,

”We seek out clean air to breath and clean water to drink. Why not clean beauty? We refuse to use problematic ingredients such as parabens, phthalates and sulfates. Plus we go a few steps farther. We restrict use of petroleum byproducts that find their way into skincare products in the form of artificial fragrance!”

We would like to thank the special guests for taking the time to meet with us and sharing their excitement for the ZeroFragrance Series. We would also like to thank our exclusive partner Harvey Nichols UK for hosting the event.  

Evening Blogger Event Attendees

Hannah Randall, Lippy in London

Aarti Jonas, Mrs Jonas Recommends

Sheenie Shaikh, Just Nice Things

Leanne Page, LP Beauty

Dani Dutra, So Many Lovely Things

Dominique Waller, That New Dress

Natalie, La Femme London

Elena Sandor, Eat Wear Travel

Natalia Jane, Fleur de Londres

Alex Garman, I Heart Beauty

Ambarina Hasan, Beauty Passionista

Ania Pawlak, Glossy Ania

Andrea Cheong, The Haute Heel

Jo, Patent Purple Life

Bunny, Accidental Statement

[gdlr_stunning_text background_color=”#f3f3f3″ title=”” title_color=”#94d64f” caption_color=”#3D3A39″]Previse has developed a truly clean series of skin care products, the ZeroFragrance™ Series. ZeroFragrance was developed with international dermatologists who specialize in holistic skin care to ensure you get the best outcome without exposing your skin to irritating fragrances, detergents, and petrochemicals

The plant-based ZeroFragrance Series features zero artificial fragrance and zero essential oils. Providing gentle protection for delicate and sensitive skin. The ZeroFragrance regimen delivers an effective and worry-free cleanser, exfoliant, and a selection of moisturizers. Previse ZeroFragrance utilizes the power of nature to cleanse, soothe, nourish, and hydrate skin to reveal it’s healthy glow.[/gdlr_stunning_text]

Click here for more information about safe, effective skin care from Previse.

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