Five Surprising Ways Your Body Can Change During Pregnancy

Five Surprising Ways Your Body Can Change During Pregnancy

Learn how to strengthen and renew your skin during pregnancy

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It’s no secret that your body will go through some unbelievable changes during the 40 weeks of pregnancy. While the most amazing transformation, the development of the fetus, isn’t visible, the changes in your hormones levels, circulation and immune system can trigger surprising changes to your body’s largest organ: your skin.

In today’s blog post we’re covering three of the ways your body can change during pregnancy. We’ll discuss two more ways (acne breakouts and stretch marks) in our next blog post.


The unique skin care needs that can accompany pregnancy inspired Previse to craft our new series of dermatology approved products. ZeroFragrance has also been evaluated by leading pediatricians, doulas and neonatal care physicians. Unscented and free of any dubious or harmful ingredients, ZeroFragrance is safe for moms and babies. Please read on to discover how our pH balanced ZeroFragrance series can keep your skin remain hydrated, supple, elastic, clean, fresh and problem free during this glorious life-giving time of in your life.

1) Sensitivity to smell”]One of the first changes that expecting mothers report is an enhanced perception of smell. From certain foods to skin products to body odor, a wide variety of scents can trigger nausea during your first trimester.

Although accounts of enhanced sense of smell have existed for generations, scientific literature on the topic is sparse. Subjective research suggests that roughly two-thirds of women rate their sense of smell as stronger than usual while pregnant. Certain odors will cause pregnant women mild to extreme nausea. The medical reason for this isn’t clear but the triggers to these symptoms are probably related to the hormonal changes and processes that help you grow your baby.

Have you found yourself feeling nauseous or ill during pregnancy? We would love to hear your story and offer you a complimentary ZeroFragrance product as a gift. Be sure to leave your comments in the reply section below and we’ll be in touch. Or… send your story to [email protected] Limited to the first 10 responses.

The most effective strategy to cope with the superhuman sense of smell and nausea that may accompany pregnancy is to avoid all strong odors, especially those with a harsh chemical smell. Many of our clients suggest washing your clothes more often than usual, because fibers tend to hold onto odors. We suggest you switch to unscented cleaning products and fragrance free beauty products.
2) Dry skin”]Hypoallergenic and fragrance-free, Previse MommyBalm® and SOS Skin Ointment Salve are crafted to provide relief from dry skin and improve skin elasticity during pregnancy.

Many expecting mothers experience dry skin during pregnancy. Hormonal changes can cause your skin to lose its elasticity and moisture as it stretches and tightens to accommodate a growing belly. This can lead to flaky skin, bright red bumps, itchiness, or other symptoms often associated with dry skin.

If you’re one of those women, then you know there’s nothing sweeter than the relief you feel from taking care of your dry skin. Strengthen and renew your skin by hydrating it from the inside out. Because you carry extra blood flow and additional body fluids during pregnancy, it’s more difficult to remain hydrated. Drink plenty of water (approximately 2 liters a day) to aid in maintaining soft, elastic skin.

When you bathe, the American Pregnancy Association suggests that bath water should be warm rather than hot, and that moms-to-be limit their time in the bath to 10 minutes or less. Spending too much time in a hot shower can be drying for your skin. Hot water can strip away your skin’s natural oils. Try to use only warm water and limit your time to keep your skin hydrated.

Stay away from body washes and soaps that contain harsh alcohol. If your dry skin is flaky, we recommend using a gentle exfoliating scrub along with a hydrating cleanser. Then, moisturize the skin on your face and your body with fragrance free hypoallergenic products.

3) Pregnancy glow”]Light-weight and full of hyaluronic acid, Previse HydroFoam helps keep skin hydrated without a heavy, greasy feel – ideal for use when your body goes through periods of being very warm and the skin on your face is flushed.

Pregnancy glow is one of the physiological changes that women actually look forward to before becoming pregnant. The pinkish glow that makes you look radiant is caused by changes in hormone levels, and by the extra blood circulating round your body. This may also make you feel slightly warmer and sometimes flushed. Also, any red patches that you already have on your face, neck or chest may become more visible. Fortunately, these symptoms tend to calm down within a few months of giving birth.

Thank you for reading our blog. We know you’re busy and we value your time. We’ll discuss two more ways (acne breakouts and stretch marks) your skin can change during pregnancy when we post the second half of Five Surprising Ways Your Body Can Change During Pregnancy in two weeks.

Have you experienced surprising changes to your skin when you were pregnant? We would love to hear your story. Be sure to leave your comments in the reply section below. Or… send your story to [email protected] Limited to the first 10 responses. We look forward to hearing your feedback.

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