#MotherNurture #ModersKärlek

#MotherNurture #ModersKärlek

This month we celebrate you mom. You’ve illuminated the path to guide your family and ours. You introduced us to our friends and partners at Goodbeing and Ecocentric Mom. You nurture your family. Family is different for all of us… children, parents, pets and friends. We consider you our family too!

As gift to every one of you we are offering one complimentary HydroFoam when you use either #MotherNurture or #Moderskärlek on your Instagram page.

No purchase requirement. Simply post a photo to your Instagram account. You must tag Previse_USA or Previse_Sweden with your photo. Be sure to use #MotherNurture or #Moderskärlek or we won’t know to send you your free HydroFoam! We will contract you through Instagram. Or feel free to send us a note on Instagram. Your free HydroFoam will be shipped to the address you provide.

Offer is valid through May 16, 2017 and only while supplies last. The offer is open to all you moms and those who love their moms – HELLO… that is all of us! Shipping within the US, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland only.

As shared by one of our mom’s “In the fall we take our kids berry picking at our local organic farm. The fun is eating the berries while picking. I want my beauty products to be the same. Free of pesticides and other nasty chemicals. I trust Previse like I trust my organic farm!”

Our newest line of bio-healthy products, the ZeroFragrance Series, is crafted in alignment with our ideals and commitment to you and the planet. As an example, we make our MarineGranules ZeroFragrance Exfoliating Mousse with semi-spherical jojoba beads and fossilized marine algae. Combined, they gently exfoliate your skin. This is one example of our further commitment to bio-healthy ingredient choices. We also use quillaja saponaria [tree bark] extract in our Purify ZeroFragrance Marine Cleanser to form a mild lather rather than using sulfates which are known to irritate the skin. Our ZeroFragrance Series is ideal for moms and those avoiding fragrance due to allergens, skin irritations and personal choice.

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