Kayla’s Simple Skin Care Routine

simple skin care

Kayla’s Simple Skin Care Routine

“I’m too tired to wash my face.” Have you ever thought this right before going to bed? Sometimes taking care of ourselves often feels like one more thing on the “to do” list. And we may even ask ourselves: “What’s so bad about going to bed with a dirty face?” A simple skin care routine would be helpful.

We’d like to introduce you to Kayla, who often feels like there’s not enough hours in the day to care for her two sons, manage the oh-so-fun domestic duties AND take care of herself. This year, she made a resolution to take care of her skin. This is her story.

simple skin care routine

“As a busy mom, the majority of my days are spent tending to the needs of my boys. I don’t have time to even “think” about taking care of “me.” I was looking for a skin care routine that was quick and simple but that also worked to make me look less tired than I really am! I didn’t think these types of products existed… until I discovered Previse.

I’m a big advocate of using natural products for my boys so why not do the same for myself. Previse has this cool consultation that helped me identify the right products for my specific skin, given my lifestyle, where I live and my skin history. After completing the online consultation, I discovered I was a Skin Type #3.simple skin care routine

I love the 3-product regimen and it’s so easy to follow… Each step is literally printed right on each product.

Step 1 is to cleanse with the Purify cleanser, which is so gentle, I’ve started using it on my boys!

Step 2 I apply Nutrify tonic to hydrate my skin. It’s so light and airy and leaves my skin feeling smooth.

Step 3 is the Defend serum that protects my skin and prevents further damage while I’m out playing my boys!

This simple routine takes only a few minutes and leaves my skin clean and fresh and ready to take on the day. The simplicity is what made my new skin care routine stick; it’s the effectiveness of the products that has converted me to a Previse believer!”

Kayla, Walnut Creek, CA
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