Holiday Skin Recovery Plan

holiday skin recovery

Holiday Skin Recovery Plan

Holiday Skin RecoveryWe’re pretty familiar with the unpleasant effects holiday indulging and stress have on the scale… but can you believe it also shows on your skin? (gasp!) Previse has your holiday skin recovery plan!

Most women, working or not, carry the bulk of domestic duties. Unfortunately, these tasks didn’t get put on hold when the holidays arrived. In fact, they probably expanded to include gift-buying and wrapping, holiday meal planning and cooking, plus keeping up with family traditions and starting new ones! Combine all that with the cocktail parties and family feasts, and the holidays were less than merry for your body – particularly your skin.

Salty foods and alcoholic beverages are diuretics, depleting your skin and body of essential hydration. From shopping frenzies and spending stress, your body produced cortisol, a stress hormone that depletes your skin’s production of hyaluronic acid (a natural moisturizer) and skin-plumping collagen. It also damages the skin’s protective qualities that allow it to keep hydration levels up.

When stressed, our bodies also produce adrenaline. When adrenaline is present, blood flow to the skin is decreased, taking important nutrients (most importantly, oxygen) away from the skin. This allows for toxins to build up, a step that leads many types of skin to develop cellulite as well. When hydration and collagen are compromised, the skin becomes very dry and damaged.

What can you do to reverse these unfavorable effects?

Have no fear… Previse to the holiday skin-recovery rescue!


Here are some simple, easy-to-implement steps for your post holiday skin recovery plan:

  • Avoid harsh cleansers: Choosing a gentle, mild cleanser for your body and face will protect skin while keeping it clean. Purify Cleanser is our daily-use solution containing natural botanicals to aid in removing contaminants from your skin’s surface without using harsh detergents or surfactants.
  • holiday skin recoveryHydrate your skin. Our antioxidant elixir, Previse Nutrify Oil-Free Tonic, provides a potent dose of hyaluronic acid to help hydrate your skin. It also keeps pores squeaky clean and fights free radicals. Next, apply Previse Defend, our ZeroSilicone™ serum to help stimulate collagen production and increase the elasticity of your skin.
  • Add some physical activity to each day. Physical activity will boost your body’s circulation, which battles the negative effects that adrenaline can have on the skin. In other words, physical activity helps your complexion. When there is more blood flow to the skin, there are also fewer toxins, and thus less cellulite, and more alive, healthy skin.

Let your new year be happy (and your skin radiant!) all year with Previse.

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