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Please be mindful when you are outside with your pet and follow a few of these helpful tips which also apply to humans too!

Provide shade for your pet to help prevent overheating as well as protection from UV rays.

Don’t shave your long-haired dog. Their hair is protecting their skin from UV exposure, and if they’re shaved, it leaves them more exposed and vulnerable to sunburn. Help keep them cooler by using an undercoat rake regularly.

Consider using a light colored and light weight sun protective clothing for prolonged outdoor exposure

Apply a sunscreen specifically made for pets, if outdoors for extended periods of time or the peak hours between 10am – 3pm. Pet sunscreen should be SPF 15 +, fragrance free, waterproof and block both UVA + UVB rays. Apply to areas where bare skin is exposed, along with the tips of the ears and nose. Re-apply every 2 hours [or as directed by your Vet] especially if your pet will be in and out of the water frequently.

Remember, even the best pet sun protection offers no protection from overheating and heat stroke.

Areas susceptible to sunburn on your pet

Areas susceptible to sunburn on your pet

Being sun safe and protecting you and your pets skin is important year round. Be on the lookout for suspicious or changing skin lesions on yourself and your pet. When in doubt see a dermatologist or vet. Early diagnosis of Skin Cancer leads to a better prognosis. Prevent, Detect + Live.

Do you have any tips on sun protection for pets? Feel free to share them in the comments section below.

How do you Paw-vise?

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