Four Keys to Minimizing Stretch Marks During and After Pregnancy

Four Keys to Minimizing Stretch Marks During and After Pregnancy

According to recent research from scientists at the University of Michigan, up to 90% of pregnant women, 70% of adolescent girls and 40% of adolescent boys will develop stretch marks. While we celebrate and embrace those who proudly proclaim #loveyourmarks #tigerstripes like  Chrissy Tiegan,  Victoria Secrets,  Target and #KendrickLamar’s #humble, we further honor those who wish to diminish or eliminate stretch marks that are often painful, and to some, unsightly.

The cause of stretch marks is varied. Pregnancy, genetics and weight gain/loss are leading causes.  Despite their ubiquity, stretch marks, like other visible changes to our bodies, can be a source of physical pain, anxiety and self-consciousness. With this in mind, we are dedicating this blog to share the science behind stretch marks, plus advice on how to minimize them during and after pregnancy.

It helps to understand what happens to skin when a stretch mark forms. The scars form when the skin looses integrity. Collagen and elastin fibers in the dermis may be genetically weak, or they are overly stretched. When the skin’s connective tissue snaps, it can leave line-like scars under the skin. There are ways to diminish, sometimes eliminate, stretch marks.

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To minimize stretch marks during and after pregnancy, it’s wise to use a multi-faceted approach. We recommend taking the following actions to help prevent the formation of stretch marks and to minimize their appearance after they form.

1) Keep skin pliable during pregnancy – Moisturizing several times a day is crucial to help the skin stay hydrated and pliable, increasing its potential to stretch. We recommend using our new BodyMist ZeroFragrance E Body Oil Spray alone or with our Skin Ointment Salve “SOS” from the first trimester throughout pregnancy to provide relief from dry skin and improve skin elasticity during pregnancy.

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2) Feed your skin – Drinking enough water is critical to maintain proper hydration. You should drink eight cups of water a day to help keep you skin well hydrated. You should also eliminate any beverages that contribute to dehydration like caffeine and sugary drinks. It’s also helpful to eat foods that are rich in Vitamin E and C, and zinc, which help to form collagen. Vitamin C in particular is an important antioxidant that helps protect tissue from damage.

3) Exercise – Exercise improves circulation, which keeps the skin elastic and more able to stretch as it grows. This improved circulation also reduces the possibility of varicose veins and swollen ankles in pregnancy.

4) Diminish the depth, texture and discoloration of existing stretch marks – Our new MommyBalm® ZeroFragrance Stretch Mark Cream contains a 6% concentration of a technological innovation called Registril™ that reduces the signs of existing stretch marks. When used twice daily for 60 days in a clinical trial, a 3% concentration of Registril was shown to help diminish the depth, texture and discoloration associated with stretch marks. MommyBalm also has profound stretch mark prevention benefits. Containing antioxidants, powerful peptides and hyaluronic acid, MommyBalm harnesses your skin’s natural ability to repair itself and improve skin elasticity.

There are also medical procedures that can reduce the appearance of existing stretch marks. Your dermatologist can talk with you about the pros and cons of options including laser treatments and micro needling. If you find that nothing is working for you, take comfort in knowing that your stretch marks will fade to silvery faint lines over time.

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