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Previse launched in dermatology and has expanded to various locations owned, staffed and operated by skin care professionals. In 2014 we expanded into Sweden and Norway with further expansion underway in France and Australia.

Our growth has been – and will continue to be – through our medical and aesthetic advocates. They’ve adopted a name for themselves, “Previsors.” We love it!  All Previsors receive complimentary product and brand education to start. The education series focuses on our brand, product education, the physiology of skin and biology of our largest organ through the Fitzpatrick scale. On-going and advanced training programs are offered periodically throughout the year. We are more than happy to speak with you about our free Previsor training program. Please call submit you inquire through our contact us page.

Previse is not available for discount in grocery, mass, or convenience stores. We do offer the opportunity to represent the line in boutique and specialty locations that adhere to our brand ethos and values, “Previse borrows what nature creates and returns what we borrow in good faith.” Together we will ensure Previse members, and your clients, are offered the best Previse products for optimal skin health!

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