Your Clean Skin Care Winter Survival Guide


Your Clean Skin Care Winter Survival Guide

Winter can be a wonderfully enjoyable season yet the dry cold air outside and dry warm air inside can quickly leave your skin feeling dry and trigger skin irritation and cracking. Previse shares 10 tips for keeping you skin hydrated and protected all winter long.

1) Avoid fragrant soaps. Use a mild soap that is free of dyes, fragrances and alcohol. These astringents are known to dry out skin.

2) We know how nice it feels to take a warm or even hot shower when coming in from the winter cold. Our advice is to warm up with a thick wool blanket, heating pad, or heated blanket. And when it comes to showering we advise taking a short, lukewarm shower with a gentle cleanser. Try to avoid long, hot showers, which can strip the skin of its protective lipid barrier causing more dryness.

3) Use oil-based products for rehydration. After showering, when the skin is still moist, apply a natural oil-based product such as Previse BodyMist Vitamin E Oil. Also, creams that contain “humectants”, such as alpha-hydroxy acid or glycerin, draw moisture to the skin. Humectants are great for the face, hands and body.

4) Strengthen your face’s skin barrier. With consistent and daily use, serums and creams help keep the skin hydrated and better able to repair itself. The added benefit is a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It is important that you use a daily facial moisturizer that does not clog your pores. Our favorites are Previse HydroFoam Hyaluronic Moisturizer for oily or acne prone skin or Previse Ozone Defense Serum for all skin types.

5) Leverage your cleanser. Using a cleanser that won’t disturb key oils in the skin is essential to hydration in the winter. Try Previse Purify Marine Cleanser, made with gentle ingredients that will not strip your skin and it’s free of all fragrance including synthetic fragrances and essential oils

6) Avoid harsh peels and masks and alcohol-based products, which can dry the skin out. We recommend our Previse Marine Granules Exfoliating Mousse. With a blend of natural jojoba beads and fossilized algae, Marine Granules is the safest alternative to micro-plastic beads which are wreaking havoc in our seas, oceans and streams.

7) Try to cover up as much as possible when outdoors to protect your skin from the cold and wind.  For example, help protect your hands by wearing  gloves whenever you are outdoors.

8) Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize.  A good, thick hand cream will save you from cracks. After washing your hands use a good hand cream. If you are in a profession that requires you to frequently wash your hands, a good hand cream is essential. Our favorite is Previse SOS SkinRescue Salve. SOS is nature’s remedy to prevent and repair dry cracked skin. SOS is absorbed quickly and infused with vitamin E to help restore the skin’s natural barrier.

9) Use sunscreen everyday.  Damaging ultraviolet radiation from the sun is present even in the winter. Daily sunscreen helps protect your skin from UV radiation even on cloudy or wintery days.

10) Cold Weather Affects Acne, Rosacea and Eczema. Winter weather presents a new set of challenges for those suffering with acne, psoriasis, rosacea, seborrhea and eczema.

​For acne sufferers, cold weather robs the skin of moisture, causing the skin to dry and irritate from prescribed acne topical medications. Applying a topical oil-free moisturizer can help repair the skin’s barrier and prevent dryness. We recommend our Previse HydroFoam Hyaluronic Moisturizer which combines powerful antioxidants with hyaluronic acid, ceramides and vitamin B5 to help you maintain a healthy skin barrier.

Rosacea flares in the winter, as a result of not enough protection from the cold. Without enough protection, raised red bumps on the cheeks, chin and forehead will appear within days. Cover your face before you go outside in cold weather if you suffer from rosacea.

Eczema causes dry, inflamed red skin that is extremely itchy and uncomfortable. Warm baths and heavy moisturizers are key to keeping eczema at bay. Hand eczema can be a problem in the winter when hands crack and bleed. Apply a moisturizer and keep them covered at all times. We recommend using our SOS SkinRescue Salve to fight soreness associated with cracked, dry, and damaged skin. Made with natural emollients, SOS helps lock in moisture to allow the skin to repair itself.

[gdlr_stunning_text background_color=”#f3f3f3″ title=”” title_color=”#94d64f” caption_color=”#3D3A39″]Previse has developed a truly clean series of skin care products, the ZeroFragrance™ Series. ZeroFragrance was developed with international dermatologists who specialize in holistic skin care to ensure you get the best outcome without exposing your skin to irritating fragrances, detergents, and petrochemicals

The plant-based ZeroFragrance Series features zero artificial fragrance and zero essential oils. Providing gentle protection for delicate and sensitive skin. The ZeroFragrance regimen delivers an effective and worry-free cleanser, exfoliant, and a selection of moisturizers. Previse ZeroFragrance utilizes the power of nature to cleanse, soothe, nourish, and hydrate skin to reveal it’s healthy glow.[/gdlr_stunning_text]


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