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Join us May 4 and May 11 Wolf & Badger, London, England

Your Previse team launches our most ambitious effort ever! In partnership with our beloved group at Wolf & Badger, we are pleased to announce the global launch of our 15-Minute Vegan "Recharge" Facial! Showcased in 2014 during New York Fashion Week, then again in 2018 and earlier this year, Recharge helps restore your skin in as little as fifteen minutes. Stress is the number one accelerator of aging skin. Recharge utilizes our vegan, plant-based, non-toxic formulas to de-stress you and your skin.

Wolf & Badger, Coals Drops Yard, Post Code N1C 4DQ

"I would just love to start out by saying I absolutely love this product! It has made such a difference in my skin."

I am a mom of two beautiful babies - a girl and a boy. With kids comes pregnancy and with pregnancy comes the dreaded stretch marks. With my first I did not develop too many stretch marks so I just let it go and accepted my new tiger stripes. Three years later I was pregnant with my son. What unfolded was a completely different story. My tiger stripes became tiger wounds!"

In 2017 Previse partnered with Bump Boxes. Bump Boxes provides, “Healthy products handpicked by our moms, tailored to your due date & designed to pamper you throughout your pregnancy!” We featured two, doula-approved products. It was our plant-based multi-peptide infused MommyBalm Stretch Mark Cream that helped heal Victoria’s stretch marks.

"My stretch marks were very deep and all over everywhere. I started to hate my body and fixated on how it wasn’t the body I used to love. In August 2017, I received my first Bump Box and my first Previse MommyBalm. It was one of those stretch mark creams that claims it works wonder and all that jazz. So I gave it a try for a good two weeks and noticed results almost immediately! My stretch marks were starting to fade. They became less dark or discolored and less noticeable!”