Michael Joseph Massetti Previse Brand Ambassador

Hey guys. I’ve been offered my own space within the Previse universe. This is a new collaboration and I am really excited for your feedback and suggestions!

As introduction my name is Michael Joseph Massetti. A while back the founder of Previse contacted me on Instagram. Sean shared they were interested in collaborating with a few men to help them test new products and assist with social media marketing and PR. Through this page and social media I will continue to let you you know what I am doing today and in the near future.

First up, I am sharing a bit of feedback on Previse Gobo Eye Serum. This serum is amazing! Sean calls it an elixir. I call it magic. I use a number of Previse products and the number one must have is Gobo. I use the serum every morning and every night. The vitamins and gobo [burdock root] help reduce puffiness.

As a model and fitness coach I take care of myself. At MJM Fitness. I tailor fitness regimens to each client. They seek my expertise. Together we accomplish fantastic results. My motto, “Vitality through nutrition, exercise, mindset, and sleep.” So when it comes to my skin I look to our Swedish and American dermatology team and Previse products to keep my skin healthy, fit and looking its best!

I’ve arranged for $15.00 savings on any purchase. You only have to enter “MJMFitness” during checkout.

During our initial phone call I told Sean I am very picky about my skincare and I only represent what I believe in. Now, after four months of trial, I can honestly say I trust Previse products, and support their mission to make things better. It’s so simple, “We make things better.” Not only are the formulas superior to any other skin care product I’ve used, we work hard to limit waste and pollution. We also reclaim water in manufacturing, only use 100% recyclable packaging, and are working on new plant-based and glass containers for the future. Together we built this page and my new role with the company.

Gobo Eye Serum Skin Rejuvenation

Vitamin B & C infusion. Vegan plant-based skincare. Gobo root and Mimosa tree bark extract work to restore and protect delicate skin around the eyes. The botanicals help reduce puffiness and firm tissue. Niacinamide, vitamin B5 and C help reduce the signs of aging and photo-damage. Botanical extracts help combat fine lines and improve the appearance of crepey skin.

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